Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Look, Same Knitting

Hey, blogger got some new bling! Yay!

The knitting continues. A few High School buddies are getting married in about 6 weeks, so there is some covert knitting going on. Something befitting of the couple....

Summer is a time for kicking back and relaxing. So I've decided to stop sewing until many of the bags are gone. Problem is, they aren't getting out of here fast enough to suit me. So I put them on clearance. Go over to my shop to buy a bag dirt cheap.

The ladies that meet on Thursdays have been encouraging me to continue on the featherweight. It's mindless knitting: stockinette for hours and hours.

But the brandywine is finished! I was nervous about not having enough handspun for it, so the body is 13 repeats of chart B instead of 15. But It did turn out stunning.

Difficulty-wise, I'd give the pattern about a middle of the road in difficulty. I did need to keep the chart with me all the time, and there was one time I had to tink back about 5 rows due to a huge blip on the left side. I would recommend the pattern for intermediate lace knitters.

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