Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh look, I knitted a torch!

The Janesville Area Knitting Guild has their Knit-In the first weekend in February. Now, I've known for 8 months what the knitting challenge would be. The challenge this year was mittens. So being a studious person, I waited until I had 2 weeks left to start my entry.

I came across this funky looking fingerless mitts that I thought might just be eye-catching enough to win. So I started knitting and ended up with this:

The basic pattern can be found here
be forewarned: A lot of it is in German. My mitts ended up with a different shape. My cat wouldn't get off my lap long enough for me to check the website to see if I was doing it right. I just winged it.
The pair looks like this
with the right one being the first one done. It got a bit out of hand.

And I won Most Creative! YAY!!

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