Saturday, September 5, 2009

Kitties and Cat Beds

I made the Kitty Pi for out largest cat, Tigger. It was a great way to use up some more handspun that my sweetie found in the back of the pantry. Looking at the pattern, I made some revisions due to the huge girth of the intended feline, and to stabilize it against the intended feline.

Sorry for the blurriness of the photo. It was taken in low-light and I guess I flinched. But there lays Tigger, over-running the kitty Pi with his ...furriness. Darn, I will have to start again, with a larger bed.

OH, and I got a new laptop. It's very nice and comes with a number pad!

This one was about 32" across before felting. The sides were strengthend by doing the following:

row 1: sl 1, k1, -repeat
row 2: knit all around
row 3: k1, sl 1 - repeat
row 4: knit all around

I repeated these rows 3 times.

I think my next Kitty Pi will be larger around. I'll extend the sides by a few more repeats of the 4 rows so that it can cover Tigger better.

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