Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Since May?!

I am not the best blogger in the world, since I haven't posted anything new since May. Certainly things have happened in the ruddawg household. We spent two weeks traveling around Utah and Colorado. Dave, Alex and I saw Great Sand Dunes National Park, Mesa Verde, Arches National park and Dinosaur National Monument.

We learned that camping one night on one spot then another in a totally different spot just is not our cup of tea. Next vacation we will plan less destinations and more relaxation time.

My Nephew was given the task of watching the cats here, but was called to AIT for the National Guard 3 days after we left. He'll be back in two weeks. My sister cared for the furballs. This summer has proven to be a very slowed-down summer when it comes to work. I did not realize how much actual 'babysitting' a 16 year old needs.

I liken teenagers to two-year-olds with better verbal skills. You need to be agonizingly detailed when telling them to do something.

School will start soon, and hopefully this new charter program will pique his interest enough to keep him engaged.

And, so we have a visual; me snapping pictures on our vacation. At this point we were driving from Arches National Park to Dinosaur National Monument along the Colorado River. For a Wisconsinite, this is some pretty foreign scenery!

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