Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Phat Fiber Contribution for this month

This month is the "Celtic" theme. Well, that is just down my alley! So I went out to the fabric store and tried to find a good fabric for these sample KIPs. This is what I found.  The spirals end with what looks like little clovers.  There are 48 of these sent off to be stashed in the sample boxes offered this month.   I was a bit late in getting them there as at the last minute I had an inspiration.  The inspiration was to add 2  small-sized KIP Bags into the group to be given away at random to a couple of lucky people.  Call it the Luck of the Irish!
So if you get a PhatFiber box, look to see if there's a bag with balloons on it. 
 Here, the lucky balloon bag is shown next to a sample KIP.  

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Anonymous said...

Those are some good looking bags!