Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What's in my Bag this week?

This week is more about Christmas presents than anything else.
My Bag: Brown wool plaid....medium size

This week we have a skein of pretty pink/green and black wool  that is waiting to be made into socks, along with socks in progress.  The first is the pair knitted from the sock blank.  Last time, these were only a cuff, now the heel has been made, and turned.  I'm knitting on the foot part now.   The other sock is 1 out of 2 being knitted as a Christmas Present.  It's out of Knitpicks bare yarn that I dyed shades of blue.  the knitting is showing some cool pooling of the colors with white bands about every inch.  That was not deliberate but it is cool! 

Other things being knitted are for charity: mittens and baby blankets. 
 The mittens are from some handspun bulky that I had around and the blanket is peaches and cream cotton.  
As you see, the blanket is 1 block short of being done and I need a thumb on one of the mittens.
  And...to finish them of course. 

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susan said...

Hi Brenda,

I love how the sock blanks are turning out! Good job you!