Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's a Meme, but it's OK

I am: Brenda - Wife, Mother and Bag Lady.
I think: almost constantly, and to the point where I need to spin or knit NOT to think.
I know: More about the miseries that people inflict on others than I really ought to.  It keeps me awake at night.
I have: a pretty great Husband and Son.
I wish: that my non-immediate family would learn to grow cojones and spend better. (don't ask)
I hate: people who believe that everyone else should worship the ground that they flick their boogers on. 
I miss: sitting on the beaches in Hawaii.
I fear: that my son will not finish High School and end up being 'that kid' with the bedroom in the basement...cybering with girls online.
I hear: the teenage boys in the next room playing video games.
I smell: nothing right now, which is good.  Asian ladybugs are swarming our front porch and sneaking in the house. If you touch them, they give off this horrible smell.  
I crave: kimchi
I search: for all my lost knitting needles.
I wonder: why people lose their common sense when they belong to any group. 
I regret: Not going to college in Minnesota after High School.
I love: Talking about things with my Husband.
I ache: in my head. I've had a sinus headache for about 2 weeks now.
I am not: a simpering, vain, whining female who is concerned about her looks.  I've accepted that this is the way God made me and I'm not fighting it. 
I believe: that everyone has the ability to think for themselves but lets the media do it for them instead.
I dance: shamelessly to Ricky Martin whenever I can. 
I sing: off tune. 
I cry: when I am alone.  I hate an audience.
I fight: Anyone and everyone.
I win: because I picked the best husband around!!
I lose: only when it would benefit the other person to win more than me. 
I never: have had any type of surgery.
I always: make myself a hazlenut mocha latte every morning.
I confuse: no one.  If you know me, you know how I feel about everything. 
I listen: to TV more than I watch it.
I can usually be found: Sewing, Spinning, Knitting or Driving. 
I am scared: That the people of this country prefer communism over being a republic.
I need: about 20 more terrabytes of memory in my brain. 
I am happy about: snuggling under warm flannel sheets on a cold morning with my Honey.
I imagine: retiring to Hawaii.
I tag: whomever has the time to type all of this. 

Here’s how you play: in a post at your own blog, copy and paste all the questions below. Erase out my answers and replace them with your own.

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