Friday, March 21, 2008


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Photo Courtesy of Family Circle Easy Knitting Holiday 2002 issue.

This is my current project. Every year, I make goals for what I want to do: knitting, sewing and relationship-wise. No New Year's Resolutions, but goals. This year, my knitting goals are to 1) Perfect the kitchener stitch and 2) knit an honest-to-goodness adult sized sweater.

DH is getting the sweater. This a picture of the pattern, not my hubby. When buying the yarn for the sweater (Cascade 220) I asked Kerri at Dragonfly Yarn Shop for color suggestions. She asked what did my DH look like, and I responded, "Seriously? Santa Claus."

Her immediate response was, "I'd stay away from red then."

Oh that was funny! I will be knitting it in shades of blue.

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