Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hey, if you have a size 7 ladies' foot, please measure from heel to toe and tell me how long the foot should be for the socks on the left, I'd be MIGHTY appreciative!

They're for my Mom for Christmas, so don't tell her!

For my MIL, the Secret of the Stole is DONE!!!

Ok, so...perhaps the right term is knitted. Notice the different hues in the stole? That is the bad washing of the wool after it was spun. The stole is now sitting in uber-hot water with Dawn in it to get out the dirt. At least I hope so!
Other than finishing knitting projects, my only other excitement is to shovel snow whenever it falls. So far, we've got over 8" on the ground. I got my car stuck in the driveway last Monday. The ice that covered the snow had made the driveway so slippery that I couldn't get out.


nauticalknitter said...

Your Secret of the Stole looks great!

Carol said...

I wear a size 7 (depending on the shoe, sometimes I can go up to a 7.5) and, from heel to toe, my foot measures 9" even.

Lilly said...

Your stole looks great.
Here is chart for sock sizing: